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Hysan Veggi Fruit Wash, 200ml

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VENDOR: Aarnix HealthSciences Pvt Ltd

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Water alone  is  not  good  enough  to  wash impurities  present  on  vegetables   &  fruits.  Hysan Veggi & Fruit Wash is a scientifically designed formula containing  natural ingredients which can clean and remove dirt, impurities, toxic chemicals, sticker adhesive, germs, bacteria, waxes,  etc. from the  surface .

It does not have chlorine, detergent, soap, harmful chemicals and is safe for use.


Ingredients : Caproyl Methyl glutamide, Sorbitan Ester, vinegar,  Potassium Carbonate, Citric acid, Neem, Reetha(soapnut), Aqua q.s.


Method of use :

·         Mix 1 Capful of vegetable fruit wash in upto 2 ltr. of plain water.

·         Soak UNCUT vegetables & fruits in the prepared solution for 5-10 minutes.

·         Then rub individual piece thoroughly with hand dipped within the solution.

·         After removing soaked vegetables/fruits, wash thoroughly under running clean tab water.

·         Vegetables/fruits are now clean and ready to be consumed.



Use daily to wash vegetables and fruits before consuming them and avoid unwanted diseases caused by surface contaminants.


Caution :

·                     Do not Swallow

·                     Not recommended for permeable vegetables like mushroom

·                     Keep out of reach of children

·                     To be used only on uncut Vegetables and Fruits



Benefits :

·         Removes Toxic Germs, Dirt, Harmful Chemicals, Dust, Waxes, Bacteria, Pesticides and Preservatives.

·         Caproyl Methyl glutamide is the most tender mild sugar surfactant which is easy to rinse off.

·         Contains Natural Ingredients

·         Safe and Soft on hands

·         Does not Leave Residue and does not change taste


Hysan Veggi Fruit Wash, 200ml

Hysan Veggi Fruit Wash, 200ml

Rs. 160.00