Cancellation, Exchange & Refund policies


  1. Order cancellation is possible upon request is sent to our email within 4 hours of placing the order with the order id otherwise we will not be able to process the cancellation. However, you can reject the order on arrival and a refund of the order will be done after deducting shipping and handling charges.
  2. Exception for cancellation/refunds: For items with a shelf life of lesser than 2 months, customised items and made-to-order items the refund is not available.

Exchange & Refund:

Food / Edible / Supplements items:

  1. Exchange or refund is processed if the delivered product had a quantity difference and/ or was in un-consumable conditions. (Unconsumable can mean leaking, expired or spoiled food items)
  2. Kindly notify us within 24 hours of receiving the parcel. Supporting images or any other proof will be very helpful to resolve the issue faster.
  3. Kindly follow the storage and cooking instructions as mentioned on the package.
  4. Kindly do not accept any leaking, damaged parcel from the courier. 
  5. For any other reasons, exchange/refunds can not be processed due to food safety reasons. However, we are always available to hear from you and will be ready to help as much as we can. 

Personal care, Cosmetics items:

  1. Exchange or refund is processed if the package arrived broken or expired or a different product arrived than was ordered.
  2. Exchange or refund can not be processed, if change of mind and even if the product is sealed. 

For Non-food items:

  1. Exchange or refund can be done if the package/product arrived is broken or damaged
  2. Exchange or refund can be done If you do not like the product, it should be unused and in the same packing and re-sellable.
  3. Exchange or refund can be done if the size is not suitable and the product is in re-sellable condition
  • Return/Exchange to be notified within 24 hours from the arrival.
  • Return/Exchange can only happen once the item reaches back or is otherwise confirmed from our side.
  • All eligible refunds are done within 7 working days after the product arrives at the return address.

If you feel you have a case about exchange or refund beyond these policies, please write to us at

Vegandukan reserves the right to make any changes to the policy mentioned here without notice.