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Hair Care has become an important part of our day-to-day life because of increased pollution levels in the environment. Our hair can also get damaged due to a poor diet, heat, styling, chemical treatments, etc. Due to these factors, our hair tends to lose its nourishment which results in dryness, dandruff, or even hair loss.

Goli Soda All Natural Probiotics Shampoo Bar is made by using our unique probiotics formula and completely natural ingredients that are locally sourced. Goli Soda All Natural Probiotics Shampoo Bar deeply nourishes your hair and helps control excess oil, which results in soft, radiant and thick hair. The probiotics in the bar also treats water waste and reduces the levels of toxic chemicals dispelled from your drains. Goli Soda’s All Natural Shampoo Bar for Oily Hair also prevents the use of plastic bottles that cause plastic pollution and environmental degradation. Goli Soda All Natural Probiotics Shampoo Bar is a great addition to your hair care routine, helping you to get the perfect hair you have always wanted!

Ingredients: Saponified Edible Coconut Oil, Purified And Structured Water With Probiotics Ceramic Rings, Probiotics, Apple Cider Vinegar,Castor Oil, Brahmi Powder, Shikakai Powder, Hibiscus Powder,Whitish Clay, Certified Grapefruit Essential Oil.

Best Before : 18 months from MFD


Controls Excess Oil

Reduces Dandruff

Reduces Hair Loss

Prevents Split Ends

Ensures Silky and Shiny Hair

How To Use

Wet the shampoo bar and lather in your hands

Apply the lather to your hair

Massage gently

Rinse well, until your hair is completely clean

Store the bar in a well-drained container.

For Best Results:

When you switch to Goli Soda All Natural Probiotics Shampoo Bar, you may experience a period of detoxification where old chemical residue exits the hair and scalp. Your hair may take up to 4-5 washes until it completes the detoxification process.

Additional Information

Tips to use the shampoo bar if you have hard water or you have long hair:

If you have hard water in your home or have very long hair, an acid rinse can help remove soap scum and dissolve minerals that accumulate after a wash. Furthermore, because an acid rinse has a lower pH than soap, it closes the hair shaft, making it less tangled, smoother and shinier.

Here are some ingredients you can use to make a homemade acid wash:

1. Apple cider vinegar

2. Distilled white vinegar

3. Kombucha

4. Lemon juice - this will also lighten the color of your hair

Follow the steps below:

Depending on how hard the water in your home is, you may require more or less of the homemade acid of your choice. You may have to experiment to find out what works best for your hair.

1. To start with, simply mix a teaspoon of your homemade acid of choice with about two cups of water and pour it onto your hair.

2. You can leave the acid rinse on your hair or wash it out.

3 The smell of vinegar will dissipate within a few minutes, so you don't have to worry about smelling like vinegar for hours after an acid wash.

4. If a teaspoon of homemade acid isn't enough and soap scum persists, apply more until the desired outcome is achieved. Teaspoon quantity of homemade acid is generally preferable/sufficient. As a rule, you will find that you will typically never need more than a tablespoon.

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