Ridhi Sidhi Marketings

Soyvita was built for those humans who refrain from consuming milk. They could be doing it because it causes harm to them or to the earth. Either way, they’re contributing to a cause and we wanted to provide for them. There are certain benefits associated with dairy and the common myth is it is irreplaceable. Soyvita set out bust that very myth. Although dairy can be good, there is no need to recklessly exploit another living being. And that is how the idea of using soybeans came about. One we realised that the soy protein isolate is comparable to milk, meat and eggs, there was no looking back. The brand and its products have been curated especially for lactose intolerant people, vegans, pregnant or lactating mothers and senior citizens.

Legal Name: Ridhi Sidhi Marketings


FSSAI: 12416023001096

Address : 73, ADINATH TRADE COMPLEX (100 Godowns) ADINATH NAGAR , OFF 200 FEET INNER RING ROAD, madhavaram, Chennai Tamil Nadu 600060