Himalayan Organics D-MANNOSE + CRANBERRY Antioxidant Rich Supplement for Kidney Health & Urinary Tract Infection - 90 Tablets

Himalayan Organics D-MANNOSE + CRANBERRY Antioxidant Rich Supplement for Kidney Health & Urinary Tract Infection - 90 Tablets

Sold by:Himalayan Organics
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Sold by: Himalayan Organics

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Your natural urinary tract health booster!
D-Mannose is the main active constituent in Cranberry fruit that promotes the well-being of your small and large intestines. Himalayan Organics D-MANNOSE + CRANBERRY Antioxidant-Rich Supplement promotes the normal functioning of Urinary Tract by inhibiting bad bacteria and promoting good bacteria in the gut. Cranberry Contains unique phenolic compounds with an Anti-adherence factor to maintain the overall health of Urinary Tract.

100% plant based
No Harsh Chemicals


2 powerful extracts in one for healthy kidneys!

Cranberry Extract: Cranberries are considered as a rich superfood due to their high nutrient value and antioxidant properties. The nutrients in cranberries helps lower down the risk of urinary tract infection (UTI), improves immune function, and normalizes blood pressure.

D-Mannose: D-mannose is a kind of sugar related to glucose. D-mannose is used for relieving urinary tract infections (UTIs).


URINARY TRACT HEALTH: Research has proven time and again that D-Mannose is effective in inhibiting the bad bacteria from lining up on the walls of the urinary tract. Not just that, it also promotes urinary tract to flush out the impurities providing soothing relief to the urinary tract.

UTI can be very itchy and disturbing for a lot of people, especially women. This dietary supplement acts as a source of relief from these infections as D-Mannose escalates the growth of good bacteria that reduces the chances of further infection.

Cranberry and D-Mannose are natural extracts that act as a powerful antioxidants to control the bacteria from multiplying & decreasing the chances of infections. These natural antioxidants protect the body from the damage caused by free radicals.

Cranberry extract has been shown to inhibit low density oxidation. It can potentially relieve the risk of heart disease.

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