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 Tempeh (Soybean) Fresh , 120g- Veg/Plant Protein | Dairy & Gluten Free | Gut-Friendly | High Fiber | Low Carb | Imagine Tofu with a crispy Bite

Gluten-sensitive? No worries, you are not left out! Tempeh is widely recognized as a superfood due to its many health benefits! Dairy-free source of calcium and 100% no animal products! Dairy-free source of protein and is a complete source of protein with all 9 essentials amino acids. Good source of protein, iron, manganese, phosphorus, magnesium, and calcium.

Calling all adventurous foodies! Bored of seaweed, potato ? Try our Real Tempe Chips instead for an umami flavour that you won’t quickly forget. Made from fermented soybeans, this tasty snack originated from Java, Indonesia and has quickly gained a following all over the world for its savoury, nutty taste. This humble Indonesian staple is also suitable for plant based diets, often being used as a meat replacement in vegan burgers and tacos. But that’s not all it’s good for. Tempeh is chock full of plant-based proteins and probiotics due to its fermentation processWhat Does This Taste Like? A savoury crispy chip with a hint of nuttiness. Health Benefits 1. Provides more protein than other vegetarian and plant based alternatives. 2. Protein-rich diets stimulate thermogenesis leading to an increase in metabolism which helps the body burn more calories. 3. Improves gut microbiota which subsequently helps improve digestion and absorption of nutrients. 4. Promotes improved appetite, satiety and diet-quality as compared to high-fat snacks. 

Usage Directions Open packet and consume directly. How To Consume 1. Open packet and consume directly. 2. Use as a base for dips such as salsa, hummus, guacamole and so on. 3. Add on as part of a charcuterie and cheese board.

As soon as you receive the package, it should be kept in DEEP FREEZER. It has to be kept in deep freezer for 18-20 hours at least before thawing and cooking it.

Ingredients - Soyabean, Tapiaco starch, Vegetable oil, Spices.

Shelf life - 30 days from Date of Delivery. Once opened, it needs to be store in air tight container, if it gets soggy just air fry it or thaw it in oven at 110 degree for 10 minutes. 

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