Meron Glazemate - Cold Glaze Stabilizer 1 Kg Horeca
Meron Glazemate - Cold Glaze Stabilizer 1 Kg Horeca
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Glazemate, a ready to use Neutral Cold Glaze Stabiliser, which is a blend of Agar Agar and other essential ingredients. This has been formulated to ensure ease of use at the manufacturer’s end while at the same time resulting in superior finish and quality in the end product. Glazemate’s glaze forms a gel layer that protects the finished product from drying out, preserves fruit ingredients, improves the freshness of the cake and makes it visually appealing.

Ingredients: Rhodophycea Seaweed extract

Directions to Use:


Dry blend WONDER GEL - 50 and sugar .

Disperse the powder blend under frequent agitation in hot water(85°C and above) for 30 to 45minutes,until the powder is completely dissolved and solution is clear.

Add sugar & glucose syrup in to the WONDER GEL solution under frequent agitation to prevent the sugar from caramelizing or burning.

When the solution has reached 66 - 68% total solids(66-68 Brix),remove from the heat and allow to cool until 60 - 65°C.And add the desired amount of acid solution , flavours and colors into the solution.

Pour into the mould and allow to cool undisturbed at room temperature(20°C - 25°C)for at least 24 hours for maximum performance.

Benefits: High water binding capacity and High in dietary fibre.

Warnings / Allergies: Allergen free product.

Shelf Life: 2 Years

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