Covid-19 Prevention Policy

Dear All, 

This is a summary of the steps we are taking so that the parcels received by you has close to 0% chances of infection from Covid-19 like virus.

  • We are a very small team which is involved in all the procurement, packaging and dispatches. We have our daily life controlled with no movement other than warehouse and home. Lesser the people better the monitoring.
  • We pick up and drop our team members and will continue doing till situation doesn't look improved. We feel, public transport can be an area of infections.
  • We had to stop Cash on Delivery as a safety measure to not let spread of infection through currency notes or swiping machines.
  • All the goods are stored safely and away from outsider contact except needed team members. We cleanly pack them in a fresh new carton boxes, seal it and hand over to courier partners.
  • Although, our courier partners are trained for safe material movement from their respective companies, we still recommend to dispose off the outer box as soon as arrived. 
  • Sanitise your hands and rinse the product along with packaging material which is was usually water proof and use after dries up.
  • Stay Safe!