Vegan Frankie aka Bombay Burrito Recipe

Vegan Frankie aka Bombay Burrito Recipe

What is a Frankie?

Invented in the Mumbai street-side vendor’s cart Frankies have made their journey across the world now. And in the course of it, has become super versatile to satisfy countless palettes ever since. As the non-vegetarian and vegetarian versions of the Frankie evolved around, the Indian vegan burrito or the vegan Frankie made its way worldwide. Thereby, vegan Frankies became a popular Indian vegan food as a wholesome vegan meal.

Frankly, Frankies are India’s popular flavorful street food, also known as the Mumbai Burrito, Bombay Burrito,  or Roti Wrap. It can be made with any stuffing but generally, it contains a cutlet with sauteed veggies, pickled onions, mint coriander sauce (Hari chutney), and of course an egg layer under the flat-bread. As the egg layer can be replaced with plant-based egg alternatives, it can be made for non-vegetarian, vegetarian, and even vegan mouths.

However, this vegan Frankie or the vegan version of the famous Bombay Burrito is made with 100% plant-based ingredients that are available at your own Vegandukan.

Let’s start making it, shall we?

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Key Components of a Frankie 

  • Sauces:
    1. Butter-less butter:
      1. Pattied and Shreaded Mock-Meat stuffing:
      2. Eggless filler:
        1. Fresh Veggies:
            • 1 Tbsp thinly sliced Onion
            • 1 Tbsp chopped Tomatoes
            • 2 whole Lettuce leaves
            • 1 Tbsp Julienned carrots
          1. Bread:
                • 1 Leftover or fresh flatbread, preferably roti or paratha from your kitchen.
            ingredient, vegan burrito, Indian vegan meal, vegan Frankie, Bombay burrito


              Cook Through the stuffing:

              • Take a pan, and Heat it well. Brush it with your vegan butter. Fry the jackfruit patty up.
              • Similarly, stir fry the plant-based keema in vegan butter.
              • This is all for the mock-meat stuffing.
              • Let’s move on to the eggless filler.
              • Again stir-fry the plant-based egg Bhurji in that vegan butter-brushed pan with the chopped green chilies and onions.
              • Boil a potato and mash well with a hint of salt until all the lumps disappear.
              • Now, mix 1 Tbsp of mashed potato with 1 Tbsp of plant-based scrambled eggs, and your eggless filler is ready to stuff the Indian Vegan Burrito.
              • Keep the freshly cut veggies handy.
              • Time to wrap them up!

              Let’s wrap it up:

              • Take a vegan flatbread of your choice. 
              • Slather the flatbread with the scrambled eggs and potato mixture. This layer is gonna hold everything together.
              • Now put the lettuce leaves on the slathered flatbread.
              • Mix 1 Tbsp of vegan Tandoori Mayonnaise and 1 Tbsp of vegan Jalapeno Cheese Dip to make the vegan spread for your Frankie.
              • Top the lettuce leaves with this vegan spread.
              • Now put 1 Tbsp of the cooked plant-based Keema on top of it.
              • And break the vegan pattie into 2 and put the halves lined right in the center of the layered flatbread.
              • Lastly, put the sliced onions, chopped tomatoes, and julienned carrots over it.
              • And carefully roll it over.
              • There you go. Your juicy, spicy, meaty, yet 100% plant-based Indian vegan burrito aka Frankie is ready to serve warm.
              • You may Cut it in half or serve it whole.
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              Perks of the flavorful Vegan Frankie

              This is a wholesome vegan meal, guys; That is healthy and seriously bursting with flavors at the same time! Though you can pick an Indian Green Salad to serve with it as well.

              Being a former meat-eater myself, I must say that this vegan recipe can satisfy meat cravings even for persistent meat-eaters!

              To be upfront, there are a few plant-based alternatives for regular meat and dairy components traditionally used to make Frankies. And they all play along to create an excellent harmony of flavors. 

              So, take a break from your busy schedule and treat yourself with this easy-peasy vegan Farnkie aka Bombay burrito. Don't forget to save some for your loved ones. Read the recipe thoroughly to avoid missing any vegan goodness in your Frankie. 

              Ohh, don’t worry about the plant-based alternatives for non-vegan products guys. Everything is available at Vegandukan. Whenever you try a new vegan recipe, cook any Indian vegan food, or plan a vegan meal, just visit Vegandukan, your one-stop vegan solution.

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            • Frequently Asked Questions

              • How and when did Frankie originate as a street food in India?
                • The Frankie was invented in Mumbai, India in 1969. Amarjit Singh Tibb, on his trip to Beirut, concocted an Indian version of the Lebanese pita roll. The purpose was to serve hungry commuters who used to swing by his restaurant. As a tribute to Frank Worrel, the then-Indian cricket icon, he called his creation the Frankie.
              • How do Frankies differ from Rolls?
                • The major difference between the Frankies and the Kathi Roll lies mostly in the filling. Frankies are stuffed with versatile veggie cutlets, cottage cheese, and a combination of sauces, on the other hand, Kathi rolls are stuffed with a variety of assorted veggies, meat, paneer, sauces, soya, and a melange of spices. However, vegan Frankies and Kathi Rolls are made with veggies, plant-based meat, and dairy alternatives to make them 100% cruelty-free.
              • Does Frankies contain eggs as a key ingredient?
                • Essentially, a Frankie is a flatbread, roti, or chappati, with a layer of egg inside. It is generally smeared with a sauce or chutney over the egg layer and then filled with whatever you have around according to your palate. So, it is a very versatile dish yet easy to make. Hence, eggs, meat, or the dairy products like ghee, butter, or cheese can be replaced with plant-based egg substitutes, mock meats, or dairy-free alternatives to dairy products.
              • How does Frankie differ from Wraps?
                • While Frankies originated in Mumbai, Kathi rolls have their roots in Kolkata. Plain flatbreads like rotis or paranthas are used as a wrap for a kathi roll, whereas Frankies essentially contain an omelet-like layer on the inside.
              • What different ingredients can be used to make Frankies?
                • Frankie is a wrap made with a countless variety of stuffings. It is mostly served as street food in various parts of India. Whereas a vegetarian Frankie usually includes assorted stir-fried veggies, legumes, paneer, cheese, potato tikki, veg cutlet, and lentils kebabs for stuffing, the non-vegetarian Frankies are also versatile with non-veg stuffing options. So, Vegan Frankies are not out of the race as Frankies can be made with any ingredient of your choice and can be pretty unique to one’s palate. 
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