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Ultx Plant Based Soya Curd (400 gm)
ryan fernando (Bengaluru, IN)
Amazing VEGAN Curd

FOr many years I have not have a curd or a raitha due to my lactose and dairy allergy. The soya curd allowed me to have a strawberry smoothie as well as make a raitha. The consistency is pretty solid and the mouthfeel is very similar to dairy curd. The flavor is neutral and therefore can be used in all curd based dishes as a VEGAN alternative. The reason I am vegan on my non dairy approach is I did a NUTRITION GENE test and a FOOD INTOLERANCE test to help me determine my GUT microbiome positive foods too. If you want to know more find me RYAN FERNANDO - celebrity Nutritionist online,

Thank you so much!

Amazing taste with cruelty free ingredients

Since going vegan for 4 years, we always missed the taste of this laddu. We found this in vegan dukan to try. Our only disappointment was we only ordered 1/2 kg instead of 2kgs 😂. I definitely recommend this product

Plantaway Plant Based Oat Drink 1ltr
Zorin Sangi (Agartala, IN)

Love it

OneGood 100% Plant-based Non dairy Butter alternative- Premium, Cultured, Salted - 200 gm
Aniruddha Sharma (Bengaluru, IN)
The Best Plant Based Butter

This is the best plant based butter I have had. Tastes exactly butter and has live cultures. Amazing Product!

Very delicious

It was too good better than the normal ghee mysorepak

Kukclean Granola with Dry Fruits (500 g)
Anuksha Jain (Bengaluru, IN)
Exactly how it's mentioned!

I love supporting small businesses that are what you see if what you get type. It's exactly as mentioned. It's my go to quick-fix for smoothie toppings. Quite filling, crunchy and yum.

Grabenord Chipotle Mayonnaise - 300g ( Dairy Free, Palm Free, Gluten Free)
Percy Rahman (Bengaluru, IN)
Quality product

Versatile product can be used in many ways salads sandwiches burgers pizzas

Protuff Plant Protein Post Workout_2 kgs
Chetna Malhotra (Pune, IN)

The product has been satisfactory and the delivery very prompt.

Tasty healthy nutritious

The best gluten-free bread

I started glutenfree diet a few months ago. Since ce then I have tried many gluten free breads. This is the best bread. It tastes good.I have eaten it without putting anything on it also. Go gor it!

Has a good taste and consistency

Tasty alternative to beef. Not exactly the same chewiness but similar taste and texture

Ultx Soya Chaap (with brine), 850gm
Shubhendu Dasgupta (Chennai, IN)

Great product!!

Good bread

Good gluten free option... thank you

Peepal Farm Handcrafted Vegan Body Butter Lavender (100g)
Sharmistha Sarkar (Delhi, IN)

Both the body butter cream and lip balm was quite dry. Didn't enjoy. The natural one I bought was superb. By mistake I ordered the flavoured one and found it dry.

Incredible product at 68% discount

I am 54 years old and quiet active , cycling, walking, hiking. Started taking this due to pain in wrist after a fall. Shifted to this after trying a range of products. After 240 pills i can feel some improvement in healing and wrist movement.

Sooo Yummy and delecious

Sooo Yummy and delecious

Delicious ice cream.

It's now one of my favourite vegan products. it's basically like dairy chocofudge ice cream, but without the cruelty.
Little pieces of cake add a feather to the cap.

Alt Co Oat Drink, 1lit
Caldwell Lara (Bengaluru, IN)
Good taste but very expensive.

I find this oat milk the least offensive alternative to real milk. I do not understand the reason why these milk alternatives are so expensive.

Very good

I loved the product and I am still expecting more vegan products as they are not available here. I would be happy if you start lactose free curd too.

Plattered Christmas Cake Mix 225g
Dr. Rashmi Menon (Mumbai, IN)
Good one

Just follow the instructions to a T and you get a spongy cake!

Jus'Trufs Rich Christmas Plum Cake 1/2 kg
Dr. Rashmi Menon (Mumbai, IN)
Too spicy

Credible to make a vegan plum cake, but it was too spicy. The family ate it with bread, just because they didn't want to waste it and it was too much to have on its own.

A different kind of sweet !!

The packet arrived as scheduled and was very well packed. This was the first time we were trying Karupatti version of the Mysore pak. As we have a certain expectation of how a Mysore pak should taste the first few bites tasted a bit different. Your could feel the strong smell of ghee come through as your tongue tries to come to terms with the unique taste of Karupatti. The combo of pure ghee, flour and Karupatti definitely brings out a different taste which needs a bit of getting used to. However as each bite progresses you start to realise that you are savouring a wonderfully crafted sweet whose taste will slowly and gradually appeal to your palate. Definitely worth a try !!!

Ultx Plant Based Soya Curd Kit
Karanjot Minhas (Chandigarh, IN)
Best vegan curd 😍

Best vegan curd 😍