The Best Vegan Raspberry Ice-Cream Recipe

The Best Vegan Raspberry Ice-Cream Recipe: Call it a Vegan Frozen Dessert instead!

We All Scream For Ice Cream

From kids to elderly people, from vegans to non-vegans, who doesn’t crave ice cream? 

Especially when it’s vegan ice cream, anybody can have it guilt-free. A chilled creamy frothy custard swirled magically into a thick, yummy, sweet dessert of all flavors that melts in your mouth! Summer days are unimaginable without them!

We understand if you are craving vegan ice creams so hard that it's difficult to wait for your homemade one to freeze. Vegandukan, India’s largest vegan marketplace, houses a wide range of Plant-Based Dairy-Free Vegan Ice Creams from pronounced brands like Papacream, Whitecub, Brooklyn, Minus30, Getaway, and many more. Explore strawberry, chocolate, mango, blueberry, butterscotch, vanilla, coffee mocha, espresso, coconut, green tea matcha, hazelnut, pistachio, and more fun flavors of vegan ice creams and popsicles that are available at Vegandukan! 

The Best Vegan Ice-Cream Recipe

But, if you are a person who loves plant-based cooking, we are here to endow you with this plant-based raspberry ice cream recipe and also will all the vegan ingredients available at Vegandukan. 

What else can be more refreshing than sweet frozen berries? This is why out of over 1000s of ice cream flavors we chose to make the Raspberry ice cream and share the recipe with you. 

The summer holidays are coming. Time to spend some quality time with your family and involve your kids in some fun activities. Therefore, today we’re sharing this easy-peasy vegan raspberry ice cream recipe that you can make in your own kitchen and enjoy with your family and friends. Just follow the steps properly and cherish your best homemade vegan ice cream to cool off the summer heat.

The Secret of Making the Best Vegan Raspberry Ice Cream:

The Best Vegan Ice-Cream Recipe


The Best Vegan Ice-Cream Recipe


  1. Make sure that the cashews are completely soaked, preferably soaked overnight. 
  2. Also, ensure that the steel bowl you are about to use to blend your ice cream is in the freezer for at least 7 to 24 hours before, preferably 24 hours for better results. 
  3. And make sure that you have chilled coconut milk resting in your refrigerator.
  4. Now, in a high-speed mixer blender, blend the soaked cashews. Make sure it’s 100% smooth and all the cashews are blended out. So feel free to blend longer to achieve that smoothness.
  5. Similarly, blend out the frozen raspberries into a chunky paste. In case you do not like chunks in your ice cream, feel free to blend them into a smooth paste.
  6. Next add your chilled coconut milk, coconut powder, cashew paste, frozen raspberry paste, coconut sugar, and Himalayan pink salt into your frozen steel bowl. 
  7. With a hand blender, whip them all until the mixture achieves a thicker and creamier consistency. It’ll take about 2-4 minutes on medium speed depending on your blender configurations. 
  8. Now that the mixture is perfectly blended smooth, pour it into a container, or a bowl or leave it in the blender jar, smooth the surface out with a spatula, and cover the surface with a reusable wrap or parchment paper. This cover will protect your ice cream from forming any ice crystals while freezing down.
  9. Now place the container in the freezer for at least 6 hours or overnight. You can also serve it soft immediately after whipping it. 
  10. After at least 6 hours of chilling in the freezer, remove the container from your freezer and let it sit for at least 5 minutes at room temperature. 
  11. As we all scream for Vegan Ice Cream, scoop, serve, and enjoy! 
The Best Vegan Ice-Cream Recipe

Save some room for the Dessert they say

When it comes to frozen desserts in Summers, nobody says no to those sweet treats whether he/she’s full or not. Well, for a sweet tooth person like me, ice creams can be a full meal sometimes. 

Relatable enough? How about super healthy plant-based cruelty-free vegan ice creams then? For vegans, we already know the answer. But if you are still thinking if it is gonna be as tasty as regular ice creams, here are the answers for you.

Yes, it’s creamy, rich, flavorful, super yummy, yet healthy, gluten-free, and cruelty-free. Of course, it tastes like the regular frozen desserts that you drizzle with chocolate, caramel, strawberry, or any sauces of your choice and sprinkle with your favorite nuts and enjoy. 

Still, wondering how can a vegan dessert be as creamy as regular desserts even without dairy? Here’s what you need to know. The secret behind vegan ice creams is nothing more than full-fat, creamy coconut milk. Though, other vegan milk substitutes, like soy milk, almond milk, oat milk, etc just don’t cut it when it comes to ice cream or any creamy dessert. Because it needs the fattiness and unctuousness that can only be found in coconut milk and to some extent in cashew milk

So, what are you waiting for? Summer is here already. Go grab the ingredient list, visit Vegandukan, read the instructions carefully, and make your own vegan ice cream with raspberries this summer. Enjoy this cooling, refreshing, fruity, creamy treat with your friends and family. Happy Summers!

The Best Vegan Ice-Cream Recipe

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are vegan ice creams made of?

Commercially-produced plant-based vegan ice creams are made mostly from soy, almond, cashew, coconut, or rice milk by the vegan brands in the market. These plant-based milk alternatives deliver delicious flavor and creamy richness to ice cream without harming any animal. 

What is the best milk to make vegan ice cream creamier?

The secret key ingredient for making vegan ice cream creamier is nothing more than full-fat coconut milk. On the other hand, plant-based milk substitutes other than coconut milk, like almond milk, soy milk, etc.s, are not a big hit when it comes to vegan ice cream making. As we need fattiness and unctuousness in the milk to make the ice cream creamier and smoother, only coconut milk helps.

How to thicken vegan ice creams?

Well, the simple solution to increase the thickness of the non-dairy plant-based ice creams is adding cornstarch to them. A little cornstarch not only helps to thicken vegan ice creams but also makes them achieve the right smooth texture. Also, liquid sweeteners are used along with granulated sweeteners to make the vegan ice cream’s texture perfectly creamy.

Is vegan ice creams healthier than regular ice creams?

In comparison to regular dairy-based ice creams, plant-based vegan ice creams are potentially beneficial to health. Speaking of which the major health benefits of vegan ice creams are lower saturated fat levels and zero cholesterol content in them, in comparison to regular dairy-based ice creams.

Which emulsifiers get used in making vegan ice cream?

The most commonly used emulsifier used for in vegan ice cream making is Gum Acacia. It increases the thickness and creaminess of both dairy and non-dairy frozen desserts.

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