Vegan Hotdog Recipe

Vegan Hotdog Recipe

What’s better than a Hot Dog you ask! A Vegan Hot Dog what else! 

The same delicious flavour and juicy textures, now in a healthier, vegan avatar! 

Things you’ll need before we get started! 

  1. Hot Dog Buns 
  2. Vegan Sausages - Blue Tribe Plant-based Chicken Sausages, 250gm – Vegan Dukan
  3. Mustard Sauce
  4. Vegan Cheese Spread - Katharos Vegan & Plant-based - Jalapenos Cheese Spread, 100gm – Vegan Dukan
  5. Vegan Tomato Sauce - PlantMade Hot Spot Chilly Garlic Sauce - 150ml – Vegan Dukan
  6. Your favourite toppings!
  7. Pan

Let’s Begin! 

Step 1 - Prepare all of your toppings by cutting them to size and cooking them if preferred.

Step 2 - Thaw the sausages and then heat in the microwave/cook with oil or water in a pan for 2-3 mins!

Step 3 - Heat the Hotdog buns for 2-3 mins 

Step 4 - Slice open the hotdog buns and add your favourite toppings and condiments

Step 5 - Add your cooked vegan chicken sausages

Step 6 - Re Heat the prepared Hot Dogs for 1-2 mins 

Enjoy Delicious Vegan Hot Dogs! 

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