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Chicken Leg Piece Is The Most Favorite Part For Non-Vegetarians. This is The First Company to Introduced Soya Leg Piece in Shape of Chicken Leg Piece for both Vegetarian & Non-Vegetarian peoples. It is a Complete Vegetarian Substituted. Soya Leg Piece Is The Complete Vegetarian Substitute. This Is Made From Soy & Aromatic Spices. This Is A Special Product For Food Lovers Which Gives The Feel, Joy & Taste Like Chicken Leg Piece. The Rich Nutritional Value Of Soya Leg Piece Also Helps To Balance Your Health. Celebrate Your Meal With Soya Leg Piece At All The Food Occasions.

Ingredients: Vegetable Protein(Soy), Wheat Protein, Wheat Flour, Rice, Gram Flour, Red Chili, Powder, Starch, Salt, Water, Spices & Condiments.

Note: Contains Onion and Garlic

Here Are Some Reasons For Choosing Vezlay’s Leg Piece Packed Food Over Any Other Company’s Product.

Vegetarian Food: – Vezlay Veg leg piece is a purely vegetarian dish. By choosing this one can have the experience of eating a non-vegetarian dish without even having it in real. It feels like snatching the meat of a chicken leg piece. Also, non-vegetarian consumers can enjoy having this leg piece and tell you whether it tastes the same as the typical one or not.

Delicious Taste: – The replacement of the original dish without taking that much time in cooking does not need compromise with the taste. Vezlay’s Veg leg piece justify this statement completely as it tastes the same as the conventional. One can have this dish anytime they crave for anything tasty but quick to make.

Easy To Make: – One can easily make Vezlay’s veg leg piece without putting up much effort into it. Any person who has not even tried ones for cooking anything can make this by the process thoroughly explained on the pack. It is most beneficial for a person who does not live with a person who can cook.

Takes Less Time: – It takes hardly a few minutes to cook tasty Vezlay’s leg pieces. Whereas the process of making an original chicken leg piece is time taking. Our product is beneficial and has an advantage over any other dish in the situation when a person is dying out of hunger. It is the best time for having something that fills your stomach with a finger pinching flavour.

Serve Anytime:- One can have these tasty ready to make Veg leg pieces anytime during the day. Like one can have it as a breakfast or lunch. It gives you enough feeling of fulfilment and calories so that one does not have to eat much the whole day. On the other hand, one can have it in their dinner since it is easy to digest.

Serve On Any Occasion:– One can serve Vezlay’s leg piece to their family members at any food like in breakfast or lunch as a wholesome food and lite digestive food in the dinner. Since it is good to eat something easy to digest at night. Moreover, we can also serve our leg piece in any important get-together or festive occasion. And since every guest wishes to get their plates refilled before it gets empty and our leg piece is ready to make it a perfect choice.

Healthy To Eat: – The most important reason to focus while eating anything should be health. All other things taste, texture, colour, etc. everything is secondary. Whether that particular dish is healthy enough is the main thing to think about Vezlay’s leg piece. Soya included in our leg piece is a rich source of protein. Protein is a nutrient that helps in building muscles. Also, it has fibre in it, which makes it quickly digestive food item. So what else a person asks for because few in the world tastes good and does no harm to our body. Our soya veg leg piece is one of that kind.

Firstly thaw veg chicken, then separate it into pieces, after that shallow fry it and use it any your favorites cuisine
Cook In Frying Pan

  • Remove The Soya Leg Piece From Packaging And Thaw It. Deep (Until It Becomes Golden Brown). Make Your Favorites Gravy / Fry In The Soya Leg Piece On Medium Heat For 2-3 Minutes
  • Continental Sauces. Now Joy The Vegetarian Leg Piece With
  • Chapati / Rice Etc.

Shelf life: 1 year from the MFD

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