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Soyvita - Dietary Fibre Green Tea Extract | Lactose Free(500 g)

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A rich source of plant-based dietary protein
Suitable for vegans, lactose-intolerants and people with health complications
Possess a complete amino-acid profile
Laden with essential nutrients and minerals
Dairy free

Dietary Fibre - Green Tea Extract:

If only the healthiest product will cut it, this one is for you. It’s the obvious choice for people who like keeping their body clean. If you’re a not a fan of added sugar, this is what you should be swapping your morning beverage with. But, we have to be honest here: it doesn’t taste like a dream but it sure has an amazing texture and slides right down your throat. The green tea extract helps in regulating the bacteria in your gut and really helps with digestion. It’s also great for regulating your appetite and helping with indigestion. In short, you get all the benefits of drinking green tea without actually having to drink it.

Brownie points: 

Easy on the tongue and throat - it is great for digestion. If your thumbs go down for added sugar, then it is an obvious thumbs up for this drink - there’s almost zero added sugar*. It works wonders in helping you keep your insulin levels stable and cholesterol levels in check, thanks to the high-fibre content. Regularly consuming this beverage will ensure a healthy gut and the high-protein content will ensure healthy muscles. The high-quality carbohydrates will give you the much-needed energy and the good fats will help you feel satiated. In addition to that, we’ve enriched it with vitamin B12, vitamin D and all that good stuff to make sure that you’re getting well-rounded nutrition.

Black points:

This is not a sweetened drink, and some people may not really like that. But here’s the deal. Unsweetened means less sugar, fewer calories and more fibre. So, who’s the real winner here?


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Soyvita - Dietary Fibre Green Tea Extract | Lactose Free(500 g)

Soyvita - Dietary Fibre Green Tea Extract | Lactose Free(500 g)

Rs. 640.00