Satopradhan Vision Organic Herbal Fruit & Vegetable Wash 700ml
Satopradhan Vision Organic Herbal Fruit & Vegetable Wash 700ml
Satopradhan Vision Organic Herbal Fruit & Vegetable Wash 700ml
Satopradhan Vision Organic Herbal Fruit & Vegetable Wash 700ml
Satopradhan Vision Organic Herbal Fruit & Vegetable Wash 700ml
Satopradhan Vision Organic Herbal Fruit & Vegetable Wash 700ml
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Organic Vegetable Cleaner | Natural Disinfectant


Moringa Leaves, Tulsi Leaves, Water, Organic Jaggery

Key Features

  • No Chemicals, Preservatives, or Artificial Fragrances
  • Removes 99.9% of Pathogens
  • Antibacterial & Antiseptic
  • Tested & Certified by NABL Accredited Labs
  • Safe for Us, Kids & Mother Earth
  • Prepared Naturally with Pure Vibrations
  • Upcycled Plastic Bottle Packaging

Benefits to Humans

  • Safe to Use: Bio enzyme-based fruit & veggie cleanser is 100% edible, herbal & safe for consumption as they are naturally derived from the simple fermentation process of Tulsi & Moringa leaves. They help wash away the residual pesticides on their surface that are the cause of many harmful diseases.
  • Washes Away Germs: The antibacterial, antifungal, antioxidant & antiseptic properties of Tulsi & Moringa help wash away all the germs, dust, and pesticides.
  • Makes the Fruits/Veggies Healthier for Consumption: Bio Fruit & Veggie Wash helps make your food even more nutritious with the healing power & health benefits of Tulsi & Moringa. Moreover, it is a perfect water purifier & can be added to the water tanks (in a 1:1000 ratio) & to help purify the drinking water.
  • Leaves No Aftertaste & Help Revive their Original Flavour: The non-toxic fruit & vegetable wash leaves no smell or aftertaste in the fruits and vegetables after the wash. It helps remove any bitterness & revive the original taste of the fruit or veggie by eliminating all the chemicals & toxins in it.
  • Suitable for Fruits & Veggies with Cuts: The organic fruit & vegetable cleaner is 100% safe even when used for fruits or vegetables with a cut. There is no risk of any chemical entering your food & hence your body.
  • Extends the Shelf Life of Perishables: Most fruits/veggies spoil quickly due to the damage caused by microorganisms. The Natural Vegetable Cleaner is enriched with good microbes, which help kill harmful microbes & any other pesticide residue, thus keeping the perishables fresh & help them stay fresh for a long time.

Benefits to the Environment

  • Enhances the Number of Good Microbes: They help regain balance in the ecosystem by increasing the population of beneficial microbes against harmful microbes.
  • Rejuvenates the Water Bodies: Every 1 ml of bio enzyme helps rejuvenate 1000 ml of contaminated water, i.e., with every wash when it goes down your drains, it helps purify the water bodies.
  • Growth Booster for Plants: The used water can be immediately fed to the plants as a rich source of nutrition.

Eco-Friendly Note: We played our part by repurposing the wasted plastic bottles; now it's your turn to send them for recycling after use :)

How to Use it?

Shake well before use.

Add 30 ml to 5L of water. Soak your fruits and vegetables for 30 minutes & then wash with plain water. Use lukewarm water in winter.

For non-porous fruits, make some holes with a needle on the surface before soaking. Used water can be fed to the plants directly.

Storage Instructions: Store in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight and moisture. Keep the lid tightly closed.

Shelf Life: Best before 24 months from the date of packaging.

Note: As the ingredients undergo a natural fermentation process, sedimentation occurs naturally. Always use it in diluted form.

  • Economical Deliveries
  • 100% Plant based
  • Secure payments
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