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Syngonium, or the Arrowhead plant, is like a chameleon, except that it changes shape, not color, as individual leaves change from juvenile to mature. When left without pruning, this plant can grow six feet long and then be used to climb in and out of the window if you plan to sneak out (just kidding). They make beautiful, colorful foliage for hanging baskets or pots.

Origin: Latin America from Mexico through Bolivia

🔆 Sunlight: These plants are low-light tolerant, but they will grow faster in medium to bright indirect light. Direct sunlight will scorch their leaves.

💦 Water: Water twice a week or when the topsoil is dry to the touch. Allow these plants to dry out partially between waterings.

🪴 Fertiliser: Feed your arrowhead vine once a quarter with liquid fertilisers throughout the spring, summer, and fall months.

✂️ Pruning: Prune the arrowhead plant by cutting the long vines 6–8 inches from the soil line. This makes the plant bushy and full.

🌱 Propagation: Arrowhead vine plants root readily from stem and node cuttings and can easily be propagated in the spring or summer months.

Pots are made of recyclable fibre plastic.

Sold and fulfilled by Rooted Plantworks LLP

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