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Looking for a plant that can change your luck? Well, your good luck starts here; we have just the right plant for you. It's the Jade Plant! Happily, this auspicious plant lives a long time, taking on the appearance of a miniature tree as it ages. How cool is that? You get a tree for the price of a plant. 

Origin: South Africa

🔆 Sunlight: Jade plants should receive 4 hours of morning or evening sunlight daily. Smaller plants should be kept in bright, indirect light, but mature plants can tolerate more direct sunlight. Placement by a south- or west-facing window is ideal for growing jade plants indoors.

💦 Water: Water once a week or when the topsoil is dry to the touch. Make sure the water drainage is immaculate, and never let your jade plant sit in the water.

🪴 Fertiliser: Fertilise using liquid fertilisers right before the growing season, which is spring.

✂️ Pruning: For the upward growth of the jade plant, the side shoots need to be trimmed. New branches should be pruned only near the tips of the shoot. However, relief pruning should be done during spring and summer when the plant begins drooping or the leg becomes weak and shaky.

🌱 Propagation: New plants can be easily propagated from a single leaf or a cutting taken from the mother plant. Plant the cuttings in cocopeat or water. The best time to propagate is in the spring or summer.

Pots are made of recyclable fibre plastic.

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