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Protuff Vit-C Oral Spray_30ml each (Pack of 2)

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VENDOR: Aarnix HealthSciences Pvt Ltd

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Brand Name : Protuff

Protuff Vitamin C-  Oral spray offers the first ever in India, Vitamin C Sublingual (oral) Spray, which is 8-9 times better than the normal dosage as  tablet and capsule , if taken sublingually or in buccal cavity. This is because there is no first pass metabolism. It shows better efficacy as there is no hindrance of food or other drug present in the stomach, as it is sublingually absorbed. It gives you the power to change the dosage in one pack, by varying the number of sprays.  It is packed with the goodness of  natural Vitamin C, Curcumin (turmeric ext), Licorice (yastimadhu). It has other uses such as mouth freshener and  reduces Hangover, as well.

Key features :

Protuff Natural Vitamin-C Spray,Pocket Size Oral Spray, Antioxidants, Enriched with Amala Extract, Orange Peels, Curcumin, Mouth Freshener, Anti-inflammatory, Immunity Booster, reduces Hangover  

Ingredients:  Vitamin C, Acelora Extract, Amla Extract, Rosehip Extract, Orange peel Extract, Licorice Extract, Turmeric Extract.

Directions for use :

Press the nozzle completely to achieve the required serving.

Spray below the tongue for best results.

Hold the liquid for in mouth after spraying for minimum 30 seconds before swallowing.


Recommended usage :                      

1 serving (6 spray) daily

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

This product is required to be kept out of reach of children.

Not to exceed the stated recommended daily usage.

Store in a cool, dry and dark place.

Shelf Life : 18 Months 

Protuff Vit-C Oral Spray_30ml each (Pack of 2)

Protuff Vit-C Oral Spray_30ml each (Pack of 2)

Rs. 590.00Rs. 531.00