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Nutrisupa Moringa Lentil Soup 125 Grams



VENDOR: Nutrisupa

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Vegan, and plant-based product. At Nutrisupa, we have elevated the simple soup meal to a fibre-rich, wholesome one that helps in managing weight and lifestyle diseases, and improves overall health.

Moringa Lentil Soup

We have combined moringa, the miracle leaves, with the protein-richness of lentils and flavourful spices for this nutrient powerhouse soup. Rich in antioxidants and amino acids, moringa leaves have anti-inflammatory properties and are ideal if you want to keep lifestyle diseases under check, besides maintaining optimum body weight.

Key Ingredients: Moringa leaves, Lentils & Indian spices

Make the soup in three easy steps: Mix two teaspoons( approx about 10 to 12.5gms) in 200 ml water at room temperature and mix well. Bring the mixture to boil while stirring continuously to avoid forming lumps. Pour into a soup bowl. Now, it is ready to serve.

Serving Suggestions: Add roasted onion/garlic and finely chopped and cooked spinach for enhanced taste. Nutrisupa Moringa Lentil Soup comes in 125gms pack.

Shelf Life: 12 Months from the date of Manufacture

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Nutrisupa Moringa Lentil Soup 125 Grams

Nutrisupa Moringa Lentil Soup 125 Grams

Rs. 297.00