Morish Botanicals Kaolin Clay 100gm
Morish Botanicals Kaolin Clay 100gm
Morish Botanicals Kaolin Clay 100gm
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Our Kaolin clay is off white and has a very soft texture. It is rich in “Kaolinite,” a type of mineral. However, it is usually white, it may also come in different colors, depending on the type of other minerals present in that clay.  

Kaolin clay has a neutral pH and is rich in silica dioxide. It does not make your skin dry. It is gentle on your skin and makes it soft and healthy. Hence, Kaolin clay is suited for people with dry, sensitive, and mature skin.

 Magic of Kaolin Clay:

●     Helps Control Oiliness

Even though Kaolin clay is not a great absorbent like other clays, especially Bentonite clay, it can remove excess sebum from your face. It clears the skin pores, but without stripping your skin of the natural oils (which are also essential to keep it moisturized).

●    Natural Detoxifier And Exfoliator

Kaolin clay cleans traces of dirt, pollution, grime, and bacteria effectively from your skin. It does not clog the skin pores and cause breakouts. It removes traces of dead skin cells without causing any redness or irritation.

●    Soothe Rashes And Irritation

Be it bug bites or itchy rashes, Kaolin clay can help your skin calm down. It has mild healing properties, and when applied to the affected area, it soothes inflammation immediately. However, it shouldn’t be considered as the only healing option. Instead, use it for initial and temporary relief.

●     Tones Your Skin

Kaolin clay stimulates your skin cells. When used regularly, it brightens and tones your skin. However, you will not see immediate effects. You need to use it for a long time before you see any results.

●    Used As A Natural Hair Mask 

Kaolin clay can also help to keep your scalp clean. Since it can remove dirt, oil, and other impurities, it can be used as a natural shampoo. It can strengthen the roots and boost blood circulation to your scalp. It does all of this without stripping the scalp of its natural oils.


●    Single Ingredient

●    100% Pure & Unbleached

●    Safe & natural

●    No additives! No Preservative

●    Raw & Cruelty Free

●    Multipurpose product

●    Comes in an biodegradable paper zip pouches

How to use:

Use it as a Body/hair/scalp mask with any of our herb powder. Also you can add to your skincare & hair care DIY recipes/ formulations.


100% pure and unbleached Kaolin clay.

 Origin: India

Storage: To preserve the quality of the oil, store the bottle in a cool dark place away from direct sunlight.


Patch test recommended

For External use only

Store in a cool & dry place.

*Do not use Metal utensils to mixing*

 Shelf life : 12 months from the packing date.

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