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kiwi kisan window Roasted Makhana BARBEQUE 100g

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SKU: Roasted Makhana BARBEQUE 100g

PRODUCT TYPE: organic food products

VENDOR: Kiwi kisan window

Rs. 189.00

Kiwi Barbeque flavour – roasted makhana Dig in deep to this unique blend of everyday spices& flavours like oregano,chilli ,onion and a dash of olive oil to create a special yummy twist of flavours in your mouth.Beware of last barbeque night nostalgia triggers as you munch on crispy memories endlessly !Makhana is your best bet for healthy snacking with plethora of benefits you can trust this humble looking but mighty food for a good dose of calcium, iron and magnesium.It is beneficial for blood pressure as its low in sodium and high in magnesium , it’s a Gluten Free food which is high in proteins and considered a wonderful choice for mid meal hunger pangs and for people on weight management regime.Its Anti-inflammatiory, has Zero Trans fats, is rich in calcium and antioxidants.Its also a safe choice for Diabetes,Arthritis and High Blood Pressure. Kiwi Makhanas are Guilt Free munchies delicately flavoured and come in different varieties to choose from.Just grab a handful to curb your munchy cravings!The choice of flavours give you multiple reasons to munch. Stock up your pantry for all flavours, serve your guest healthy and tasty snacks or carry it to office or while travelling to binge on healthy bites.Easy to carry personal pack size. Forgot to put the lid back ! No worries , Just Warm up in microwave for 1-2 minutes N get the Crunch Back !

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kiwi kisan window Roasted Makhana BARBEQUE 100g

kiwi kisan window Roasted Makhana BARBEQUE 100g

Rs. 189.00