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kiwi kisan window Rhododendron Himalayan Herbal Tea 100g

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SKU: Rhododendron Himalayan Herbal Tea 100g

PRODUCT TYPE: organic food products

VENDOR: Kiwi kisan window

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Rhododendron is an age-old herb with its origin in high altitudes of the mighty Himalayas withstanding the extreme cold weather this naturally occurring herbal plant is loaded with exceptionally beneficial health values. Popularly believed to be a boon to your heart health and remedial in fever and inflammation. Kiwi Himalayan Rhododendron Tea is a therapeutic and aromatic herbal concoction of the famous naturally occurring floral beauty of Himalayas “Buransh ka Phool” or Rhododendron, the natural antidepressant Lemongrass leaves, and the healing spice ‘Tej Patta’ or Bay Leaf. Other healthy additions to this delicious aroma are Rose petals,Rosemary and ‘Tulsi or Basil. While lemongrass boost oral health & lowers cholesterol,trust bay leaf for its anti –inflammatory properties and the natural cooling properties of Rhododendron.Steep and sip it hot as a remedy for cold and cough as the healing vapours you inhale work on your stuffy nose and head.This beautiful blend is a great option for aromatherapy sessions and a relaxing spa in the comfort of your home.It's also a good ‘kadha’ to relieve minor ailments of digestive system.The aroma of this tea is a stress alleviating and calming potpourri that you can simply brew to liven up your home or to freshen up a dull day!

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kiwi kisan window Rhododendron Himalayan Herbal Tea 100g

kiwi kisan window Rhododendron Himalayan Herbal Tea 100g

Rs. 389.00