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Kashaya - The Original, 10 Herbal & Spice Infusions (Packs of 2)

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Relax and unwind with a cup of our Original Kashaya, an immunity boosting delectable blend made from 15 traditional Indian herbs and spices, each having unique healing powers.

Completely caffeine free, this deliciously strong yet balanced blend has been crafted to make you feel at the peak of your health.

Coriander, black pepper and cumin form the magical trio that will help boost your immunity levels. Cardamom and clove lend a sweet-spicy aroma while the dry ginger and licorice gives it a zesty sweet undertone. Heal your body, awaken your mind and soothe your soul with our immunity building delicious Kashaya

Health Benefits :

  • Relieves Cold
  • Relieves Cough
  • Relieves Sore Throat & Headache
  • Aids in Digestion
  • Boosts Immunity

What is Kashaya?

Mastered over generations and inspired by Ayurveda, Kashaya is a traditional Indian hot brew blended with finest quality of aromatic spices and therapeutic herbs which promises invigorating taste while restoring beneficial effects on the mind and body

Brewing The Original Kashaya

  • Place the Kashaya dip bag in a cup
  • Pour 125 ml of boiling hot water or milk into the cup (99°C)
  • Steep For 3-5 Minutes
  • For a stronger Kashaya use 2 dip bags
  • Add jaggery / honey if desired for hot milk
  • Sweetener not recommended when consumed with hot water. Let the taste grow on you!


Kashaya - The Original, 10 Herbal & Spice Infusions (Packs of 2)

Kashaya - The Original, 10 Herbal & Spice Infusions (Packs of 2)

Rs. 198.00