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Jacme Vacuum Fried Sweet Potato Crisps

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Having employed the latest technology, we give you snacks that have minimal fat and oil content without any added preservatives. Jacme Sweet Potato Crisp is the combination of Modern technology with the farm produced natural Sweet Potato, harvested and processed freshly from the farms. It is then crisped to perfection and blended with MSG free seasoning. Vacuum cooking helps in retaining all the goodness of the sweet potato. The oil content in Jacme Sweet Potato Crisps are at least 50% less than traditional deep-fried snacks. Chips are processed at a low temperature, ensuring that the nutrients, vitamins and minerals present in the Sweet Potato is not lost.

Packet weight: 32 Grams

Ingredients: Sweet Potato, Vegetable Oil, Seasoning

Directions to Use: Once opened, consume immediately or keep in refrigerator.


  • No Cholesterol, Gluten Free & Vegan Friendly
  • No added preservatives, colors or chemicals, MSG Free
  • 70% lesser oil than deep fried snacks
  • Low temperature frying retains Vitamins, Texture, and color of tapioca
  • Zero Carcinogens
  • Low fat
  • Rich in fibre & flavor

Warnings: Contains Soya

 Shelf Life: 9 Months

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Jacme Vacuum Fried Sweet Potato Crisps

Jacme Vacuum Fried Sweet Potato Crisps

Rs. 120.00
Pack of 2
Pack of 3