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Grandma's 7 Secrets Vegetable Glycerin, 500ml



VENDOR: Varsha Wellness Co.

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100% Vegetable & Natural Glycerin is perfect for both internal and external use.

PERFECT MOISTURISER -This makes a perfect moisturizer for dry skin and is used as a reference standard for most of the skin care moisturizers being used today. Mix it with your regular moisturizer for multi functional benefits

SAFE AND EASILY SOLUBLE -This is safe and hypoallergenic and easily soluble in water BEST

MASSAGE OIL AND SKIN SOFTENER - This product can be used a best natural massage oil and it can be washed off easily.

SKIN SOOTHING AGENT - This relieves skin of excess dryness and nourishes skin


  • Treats acne & its scars
  • Helps remove dandruff from scalp
  • Soothes dry & irritated skin
  • Makes your skin winkle-free
  • Uses as a moisturizer
  • Relief from Constipation
  • Improved Hydration & better Physical Performance

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Grandma's 7 Secrets Vegetable Glycerin, 500ml

Grandma's 7 Secrets Vegetable Glycerin, 500ml

Rs. 450.00