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Cure By Design Hemp Seed Oil - 200ml

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Hemp Seed Oil

Relish the Kaleidoscopic Health Benefits Cure by Design’s Pure Cold Pressed Hemp Seed Oil offers you.

Coming straight from the heavenly Himalayan slopes, our hemp oil can be used in a myriad of health healing ways.


Hemp oil was regularly used while preparing tea by the Chinese due to its inexhaustible medicinal properties.


Hemp oil as a part of your regular diet will result in astonishing health benefits, as well as keeping your skin healthy with external application. This is a must have if you are someone who is serious about their personal health.


Vegan Nutrition


Cure by Design’s Hemp Seed Oil is made from cold-pressed hemp seeds. They are 100% vegan and organic. This plant-based protein contains the perfect 3:1 ratio of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.

Hemp oil is a great source of Magnesium, Zinc and Iron. It also serves as a healthier alternative to fish oil.

Contains free radical fighting Anti-oxidants.


Countless Benefits


Hemp Seed oil has a immense number of benefits, it boosts your immunity, reduces inflammation, lowers blood pressure, improves cardiovascular system, improves metabolic rate, reduces anxiety and so much more.

And the best part is its plethora of applications benefits people of all age groups and can be made an essential part of your everyday diet.


Glowing Skin

Hemp seed oil is a natural emollient and can be found as an ingredient in many different cosmetic products, such as massage oils, lip balms, soaps, lotions, and hair conditioner. If you have dry and itchy skin, hemp seed oil can be used as a soothing and revitalizing moisturizer. The oil has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties and has been shown to counter the aging process of the skin.


Product Information

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Features and Details

l  Cure by Design’s products are made using the finest quality Hemp Seeds from Uttrakhand.

l  Hemp Seed Oil contains the highest amount of protein and omegas in a plant-based diet.

l  Hemp Seed Oil has better Omega ratio and content than Fish Oil

l  Cure by Design’s products are GMO, Gluten, Dairy and Allergen free.

l  Cure by Design’s product contains no artificial colors and flavour.

l  No preservatives were added to this product.

All of Cure by Design’s products are vegan

Cure By Design Hemp Seed Oil - 200ml

Cure By Design Hemp Seed Oil - 200ml

Rs. 700.00