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SKU: AP304

Artisan Palate - 5 BOTTLE WOODEN TRAY

Gift hamper with 5 flavour bottles our few top selling.

contains 2 seasonings Jamaican jerk seasoning and Cajun seasoning, 2 flavoured Himalayan pink salts smoked lemon lime and Italian herbs and pepperoncino, 1 flavoured demerara sugar cinnamon and vanilla demerara sugar.

  • Jamaican jerk Seasoning

Ingredients Onion powder, Cayenne pepper, Dried crushed red pepper, thyme, Garlic powder, Parsley, Black pepper, Himalayan Pink salt, Demerara sugar, Cinnamon, Ground cloves, Ground allspice

Being a jerk is good, when we're talking about our jerk seasoning! Just add some to your favourite chicken, pork or fish recipes to give it that extra Jamaican flair. Sprinkle it into your scrambled eggs or over a plate of good old French fries for a real treat. Give your guacamole (avocado) dip a Jamaican twist or transform plain mayonnaise into an amazing sandwich spread with a snap of your fingers and our Jamaican jerk seasoning!

Net Weight 100 grams

  • Cajun seasoning

Ingredients Onion powder, paprika, Dried crushed red pepper, thyme, Garlic powder, Black pepper, Himalayan Pink salt, cayenne pepper, oregano. 

Soul Food is one of the most exciting cuisines in the world. Popular Cajun dishes include gumbo, a soup made with filé, okra, chicken, sausage, and sometimes shrimp, the rice-focused jambalaya. 

Net Weight 100 grams

  • All Natural Smoked Lemon Lime Chilli Garlic Himalayan Pink Salt

IngredientsHimalayan Pink salt, lemon juice, lemon zest , lime juice, lime zest garlic and chilli flakes

Cold smoked Himalayan pink salt, Artisan Palate use proprietary smoking processes ensure the most delicious, full-flavoured smoked Himalayan pink salt. Whether you are looking for a mild smoke flavour for veggies, or a hearty smoked salt to perfectly complement your protein dinner, our smoked salts are sure to satisfy that BBQ flavour craving in any season, rain or shine. With no artificial flavours, these all-natural, easy-to-use varieties are sure to please with their delicious, savoury taste.

Net Weight 150 grams

All Natural Italian Herbs & Pepperoncino Himalayan Pink Salt

Ingredients Himalayan Pink salt, oregano, basil, garlic and chilli flakes

All Natural Italian Herbs & Pepperoncino Himalayan Pink Salt from the first taste , a hint of oregano , garlic basil and chilli flakes are savoured in the blend. You will never use any other salt for a pasta after you taste this or a quick way to liven some vegetables.

Net Weight 150 grams

All Natural Cinnamon and Vanilla Demerara Sugar

Ingredients Natural Demerara Sugar, finest cinnamon powder, vanilla pod, vanilla seeds

Bring back warm memories of childhood with this classic cinnamon & sugar flavour combination. Made with real Indian Cinnamon and Vanilla Beans, this gourmet cinnamon sugar adds a spicy sweet dimension to any meal.

Net Weight 150 grams  

Shelf life  18 months from date of Manufacture.

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