Why Go Vegan? For the Planet, Animals and your Health!

Why Go Vegan?

The Larger Question

From Being Vegan on a Budget to Vegan Protein, we’ve covered a wide variety of topics in our blogs. However, we’ll be covering a more basic question this time around. The question that lies at the root of all the other topics which we’ve covered! Why should you switch to Veganism? If you're looking for a deeper understanding of veganism, we'd recommend that you check out our blog - What is Veganism? (link)


Why Go Vegan?

Veganism has been steadily gaining popularity across the world now, with the past few years being extremely positive for the Vegan Movement. With major players such as KFC, McDonalds etc. joining the fray, Veganism is now as popular as it has ever been. This popularity has not come without reason! If you're switching from a vegetarian to a vegan diet, check out some tips in our blog - Vegan vs Vegetarian – Vegan Dukan

The large number of reasons for which one may choose to go vegan can be categorized into 3 broad categories: For One’s Health, for the Environment, and Animals. Let us now explore these 3 categories in detail and figure out what is driving the world to go vegan! 


One’s Health!

Scientific studies have proven, time and again, that the consumption of meat and dairy leads to various diseases such as Cardiovascular Diseases, Diabetes and even Cancer! You can check out Vegan Milk and its various types to replace dairy milk in our blog - Vegan Milk: Types, Benefits, and Brands – Vegan Dukan

Even though the dairy and meat industries have been pushing misinformation for almost a century now, these revolutionary studies have started reaching the masses. This has driven a massive resurgence in health awareness which has in turn pushed people to look for healthier, vegan options. Therefore, more and more people are switching to vegan diets in their search for healthier lifestyles and to rid themselves of common inconveniences such as bloating, migraines etc.


The Animals!

The biggest impact that a vegan diet could have would be on animals! Whether it be by directly stopping the killing of animals, eliminating the demand for animal meats, having an impact on the animal food chain, or ending one of the biggest reasons that drive animal suffering, animals directly stand to gain by worldwise adoption of veganism. Care for animals is one of the biggest reasons many people choose to switch to a vegan diet. 


The Environment!

It has been known for some time now that switching over to a vegan diet could lead to a plethora of benefits. However, research and studies conducted in the modern years have finally put actual numbers and statistics behind the widespread belief. 

An oxford study brings to light the benefits that veganism could have if adopted worldwide. 

  1. Save $700 billion to $1 trillion per year on health care
  2. Cut food-related emissions by 70%
  3. Save 8 million lives by 2050
  4. Reduce global mortality by 6–10%
  5. Reduce food-related greenhouse gas emissions by 29–70% by 2050

Studies such as this one along with many, many others have proven that a vegan diet can have game-changing impacts on the planet and the environment. 

Unlike other diets, most of which are created to achieve short term goals such as weight loss. Such diets are generally considered to be fads as they gain huge popularity for short periods and then fade away. 

However, the vegan diet has gained popularity over multiple decades and positively impacts some of the largest spheres of life. It has been proven to be beneficial for everyone in more ways than one and everyone must give it a shot. 

Now that we’ve got you thinking about the vegan diet, we’d suggest that you read our blog - Things you should know before turning Vegan – Vegan Dukan to get a clearer picture of how to deal with the challenges that you may face after you turn vegan! If we've gotten you interested in trying out your first vegan products, you can check out some great alternatives in our blog - Dairy Alternatives – Vegan Dukan

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